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dasBlog alternative [closed]

dasBlog alternative [closed]

I've been using dasBlog for almost two years now, but I've recently upgraded. Unfortunately, the first page can take an unacceptably long time to load. It would take even longer, but I've already spent more time than I want to optimizing settings, removing slow content, and anything else I can think of to fix the problem. The new server is way faster than the old one, so that's not the issue (it used to run a 700Mhz PIII with no trouble).

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"I'd recommend BlogEngine. I also switched from dasBlog, and have been happy with the customization and support for Windows Live Writer.

dasBlog was far too difficult to coerce into outputting the HTML that I wanted. There were pain points, especially on the customization. I would love to re-evaluate dasBlog on another version, but today its learning curve is steep.

I would have liked to have moved to SubText, but didn't have the flexibility of having a SQL Server backend. Subtext requires it. I use SubText for my at-work internal blog, and I like it. Their editor is underwhelming. A perfect substitute would be the editor from SO/SF/SU. Perhaps Subtext could provide pluggable editors; that would be a nice feature!

For BlogEngine, it meets these points in your criteria:

Works with ASP.Net (.Net 2.0) & IIS
Open source and XML based
import my old dasBlog posts - yes, you'll have to use the DasBlog to BlogML converter.
mimicking the url format - I am not 100%, but I get the feeling that'd require some ninja skills. I think BlogEngine will do URL re-writing though.
custom themeing - yes, you can hack at the themes, but I get the feelign this will be time consuming.
Reasonably fast load times - I can't comment; haven't run it locally for benchmarks! :(
Active Directory integration - I don't think this is a feature in BlogEngine.
Still in active development - kind of. Last release was April 2009
code syntax highlighting - I rely on WLW to do this.

Here's an article on making the move from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET."