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Data recovery on an Iomega portable drive

Data recovery on an Iomega portable drive

For Christmas, my little brother got an Iomega 500GB portable hard drive. It'd been working well, but last week it flat died, and the company's trying to shirk it, claiming it's not under warranty and saying it'll cost at least $900 to recover the data from the drive. He's still trying to fight the warranty thing, but wants to know, should it boil down to it, what other options exist for recovering the data from the drive.

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"Have you ascertained whether it's the drive that's actually died, or just the enclosure?

If it's the latter and the company won't admit it's under warranty you could take the drive out and either put it into another enclosure or connect it directly to a computer and see if you can recover the data that way. Don't do this while there's a chance you might get something from the company as dismantling the drive will invalidate the warranty.

If it is the drive that's failed you are looking at serious money to recover the data from it."
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"that's a very tricky situation. AFAIK Iomega does not manufacture the drives so the warranty could very well be voided if the drive has been removed from the enclosure. so i can't recommend to remove the drive from the enclosure to test it elsewhere because that may indeed void the warranty (not for certain, but quite possible. check with IOMEGA customer care).

you could arrange to get the old drive back after it has been replaced and take care of the data recovery yourself.

either way, the loss of data is never covered by the regular warranty for consumer hard disk drives."