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DNS randomly fails

DNS randomly fails

I have an (allegedly) 15mbps cable connection from Comcast with a pretty standard setup - cable modem plugged in to Netgear router, which serves one PC via an ethernet cable and several laptops via wireless.

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"I can't tell you what your EXACT problem is but I can tell you that I've had this very same problem with Comcast DNS in the past. Everything works fine one minute then suddently poof... only about half the stuff resolves.

In the end I just got tired of Comcast's DNS and changed all of our workstations to use OpenDNS instead:


The IP addresses are:

This will probably fix your problem. It did for us!

Good luck!"
Guest [Entry]

"Can you connect Internet connection to some other host other than the Vista machine giving problem? If things work fine with other machine (say laptop) then it is problem with Vista. Then you can try re-installation or if Vista supports some kind of repair.

Since ipconfig /flushdns command is working. It is most likely a local problem. A DNS server problem should not get solved by flushing DNS at end host."