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Electrolux/Frigidaire combo beeps 3 times randomly constantly

Electrolux/Frigidaire combo beeps 3 times randomly constantly

Just curious if anyone would know why my Frigidaire stackable Washer/Dryer model FFLE3911Qw0


There are two different three-beep signals. Neither is mentioned in the accompanying “Use & Care” manual, but the usual three-beep signal is mentioned on the accompanying “Laundry Center Operating Instructions” separate sheet of paper as indicating that the washer or dryer has been powered-up from a “sleeping”, or low-power state. That three-beep signal is three shorter/quicker beeps. The other three-beep signal consists of three longer beeps, and indicates a problem. In my case, the problem is that I can eventually get the machine to wash and rinse (after a long period of the pump chug-chug-chugging followed by a silent delay and another round of pumping), but the drum will not spin at the end of the wash or rinse cycles, so the clothes are left very wet, and not fully rinsed.

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