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Google groups rendering ads over the top of the post I'm trying to read

Google groups rendering ads over the top of the post I'm trying to read

I'm trying to read this but Google's layout is rendering a menu and collection of text ads over the top left of the post so I can't read it.

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Guest [Entry]

"SOLVED But I'm still filing this under WTF

In Firefox, an F5 refresh re-rendered it correctly.

Tried the same in IE, remains the same.

Guest [Entry]

"I see a very clear page with firefox and a few extensions. What is your browser?
I opened up all my extensions and just got a few simple text ads on the right column.
Are you sure your browser does not have other things attached that are doing this?

(or, maybe the UK servers are giving you local content! There was some stuff earlier about UK servers restricting content for people outside the country -- BBC i think).

On firefox, install the no-script and adblock-plus addons,
And, try to see the page after a browser restart.
You would need to subscribe for adblock rules
(a free service),
but, i think, just no-script should solve the problem if its site-based javascripts doing this.
Not, if its other browser addons/toolbars doing this.

No, I don't think you should need to install addons for such things.
Something is not right here.
Even the lines do not match properly on the pic.
It looks like the Ad column is clipped and pasted on the left edge.
I am surprised to note that all browsers are doing this
(do you have a reference from another machine on your network?)"