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Hardware Configuration Check on a New Laptop

Hardware Configuration Check on a New Laptop

First of all I must say I am quite lame in computer hardware.

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"First, let me introduce you to some useful Lenovo-specific diagnostic tools:

Lenovo System Toolbox

Large set of detailed diagnostics and repair tools. For example, this tool looks up your system's serial number and checks how many days are left in the warranty.
More info at this blog post.
May not be installed by default; download here.

Thinkvantage Power Manager

Battery and power management tailored for your Lenovo hardare and OS combination.
Should be installed by default; try right-clicking the battery icon in the system tray.

Now, to address your specific hardware questions:

Windows cannot always specifically identify each piece of hardware. This is because the operating system abstracts the hardware interface via drivers so it can interoperate with many kinds of hardware. Often one generic driver will work with many types of devices of the same class, even from different manufacturers.

Having said that, I will try to assist you in comfirming you have the right hardware. (I don't think you should be too worried about this, though.) Overall, I think all the hardware matches your order.

One quick tip: Google is your friend. Try searching for unique-looking model numbers and acronyms like ""WXGA+"" and ""WDC WD2500BEVS-08VAT2."" Let's look at each piece:

For the monitor, I wonder how to
verify ""WXGA+"", ""TFT"" and ""LED""?

Looks OK: WXGA+ refers to the screen's native resolution. WXGA+ means 1440X900 pixels.
TFT refers to the LCD technology.
And LED refers to the type of light that is used to illuminate the screen from the back.

For the Graphics card, are ""3470"" and
""HD 3400 Series"" different?

Looks OK: As I explained above, Windows often does not need to/is unable to identify a specific piece of hardware due to driver abstraction. ""3400 Series"" indicates this driver works for a family of video cards including your ""3470.""

For memory and System expansion slots,
I wonder where to look up the info
under Windows 7.

Try running ""msinfo32.exe."" Should work on any version of Windows.

OR for much more detailed information:

Start the Lenovo System Toolbox mentioned above.
Click ""Diagnostics and Tools.""
(Dismiss the message about not being able to find something by clicking ""OK."")
Click ""system information""
Optional: Click ""Advanced View"" for even more information.

For DVD/CD_ROM drive, are they the

Both msinfo32.exe and the Lenovo System Toolbox will provide more detailed info. Or Google the part number you found.

For battery, how to verify there are
""6"" cells? On the battery bar, I saw a
""5"" in a circle formed by two arrows
end in head. Does it mean only 5

Find the part number for the battery in Thinkvantage Power manager and google it. The part number for my X301 6-cell is: 42T4643"