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Hardware upgrade to help video transcoding/streaming

Hardware upgrade to help video transcoding/streaming

I've got a desktop at home that I use for streaming all my media to my 360 (in a different room, all hardwired). The problem is that any HD content I have from BD backups, to trailers, to HD DVR videos, can't seem to transcode at a respectable speed. I've tried using Tversity and Media Center but there's a bottleneck somewhere I need to break. I'm assuming it's my CPU. All my DVD backups run fine.

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"If you are talking about on the fly transcoding for streaming, I am not really sure how to help, but if you are talking about converting a stack of files from one format to another, with a budget of $500, here is a good solution!

Buy any reasonably powerful Nvidia based graphics card that can take advantage of CUDA and take a look at Badaboom, I have used it in the past and it is amazing at just how fast it can convert videos!

From the Cuda site, I also found a link to TMPGEnc Which isn't free but has a demo, and Mediacoder which is free, but again, I haven't used these two."