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How can I have different text in the footer on every page of a Word document?

How can I have different text in the footer on every page of a Word document?

Is there an easy way to add different text in footer on every page of a word document?

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"I bumped into the same issue myself. Here's the Yahoo Answers post on the subject. The selected answer from that post recommends maintaining a separate section for each page:

Each header and footer is ""linked"" for
each section. So if you make each page
a separate ""section"" (i.e., section
break instead of a page break), then
you can unlink the footers and place a
different footer for each section.

This is the only way I know that will
allow the different footer for each

That's a terrible hassle in my opinion, so I decided to waive having different footers on each page. Sadly I'm not aware of any alternative neat solution in Microsoft Word. This is definitely a feature request: Microsoft - please add a checkbox for ""Different Footer on Every Page""."
Guest [Entry]

"Some hint found here :

I am not sure I know enough about your
document to come up with a solution.
However, I am wondering whether you
could use STYLEREF fields in the
header. A STYLEREF field can pick up
the contents of text formatted with a
specific style. If the information you
need to show to the header is found
directly on the page, you could format
the text with a special style made for
that purpose and make the STYLEREF
field pick up the text.

A STYLEREF field inserted in a header
(or footer) prints the first (or last)
text formatted with the specified
style on the current page. The field
is automatically updated whenever you
change the text in the document. If no
text formatted with the style in
question is found on a page, the
STYLEREF field repeats the same text
on all subsequent pages until another
occurrence of the specified style is

For further details about the STYLEREF
field, search for ""Field codes:
StyleRef field"" in the online help
of Word. See also the following two articles :
Repeating form field data in a header/footer
Repeating Data (or populating fields)."
Guest [Entry]

"First of All insert Section Break on
every page which you want to make
different then click on Footer Section
you'll see in ur footer right section
same as previous now click on tool bar
Header & Footer Link to Previous again
now ""same as previous will be

Guest [Entry]

"Much easier way of doing this in Word 2010:

Double click in the footer you want to change.
On the “Header & Footer Tools” / “Design” tab, click the “Link to Previous” button (located in the “Navigation” panel, beneath the “Previous Section” and “Next Section” buttons).
That's it! Now just change the text, and it won't be linked to the previous footer."