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How can I have per-window menus in OS X?

How can I have per-window menus in OS X?

On a huge monitor (or multiple monitors) it's quite a round trip (I pack a lunch) to move the mouse pointer from a window near the bottom of the screen all the way up to the top of the monitor to select something from a menu and all the way back down to the window.

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"Well, there is DejaMenu, which gives you a pop-up menu in-situ that has the same contents as the Menu bar at the top of the screen (especially handy when you're working on the second monitor.)

It used to be possible to get it to run as soon as you pressed the 'roller ball' button on a Mighty Mouse, but that seems to have stopped working since OS X 10.5. That was a nice way to trigger it, but there is an additional tool DMTrigger which will run DejaMenu in the same way."
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"As others have noted you can't.

Having the menu bar at the top makes it easy to hit with the mouse (which is, of course a usability win). Of course, then you have to get back to your window (which is not so good).

Think of it as a reason to learn the keyboard shortcuts."
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"Just found an app that puts the apple menu bar onto the top of an application window. Called ""MenuEverywhere"". As of my post here it's current for OS X up to Mavericks.

And no, I don't have anything to do with that company. Just looking for a solution to this myself, and found the app, and thought it should get added here as an option."