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How can I use autoproxy configuration in VLC media player?

How can I use autoproxy configuration in VLC media player?

The VLC media player supports streaming from the internet. However, I'm behind the corporate proxy, and I have an autoproxy configuration. I don't know the actual proxy I should be using because it changes.

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"I haven't seen such a feature native to VLC, but, if you're just trying to get the proxy to use, I do have a suggestion you could try.

Browse to:


(EDIT: To clarify, the links above were a suggestion to help the OP determine the address of his corporate proxy. They would need to be modified to reflect the corporate domain, e.g. replace example.com, branch.example.com, or department.branch.example.com with your corporate domain. If you already know the proxy address, this is unnecessary.)

If you get a wpad.dat file, open it in a text editor (it's just a javascript function) and it should list the proxies to use.

VLC.exe --http-proxy=myusername:mypassword@SERVERNAME:8080"
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"As off 2020, you can use a proxy on VLC as follows:

CRTL + P (open preferences) :

Select ALL at the bottom:

Click on Input/Codecs and search for HTTP proxy:

The proxy format is:


http://myproxy.com:11111 or http://user:pass@myproxy.com:11111"
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"First world problem, but I don't want my account locked out after a mandatory corporate password reset every three months; or to keep my password in a file.

This little script may be of use to anyone who isn't comfortable putting their password in plaintext in an ini file.

Add the following into a file called 'VLCWithProxy.vbs' and replace 'USERNAME' with your work username and 'PATH\TO' with your file path to vlc and enter your password (plaintext I know, but not persisted the same way as in a file) into the prompt.

Run by double clicking or from the command line (with optional play url argument). Type your password into the prompt.

if(WScript.Arguments.Count > 0) then
playurl = WScript.Arguments(0)
end if

strPw = InputBox( ""Enter password for proxy:"" )

Dim objShell
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject( ""WScript.Shell"" )

'cmd /c /start C:\PATH\TO\VLC\VLCPortable.exe --http-proxy=""USERNAME:PASSWORD@PROXYSITE:PROXYPORT ARGS'
strProgram = ""cmd /c start C:\PATH\TO\VLC\VLCPortable.exe --http-proxy=""""USERNAME:"" & strPw & ""@internetproxy.company.com:8000"""" "" & playurl
objShell.Run strProgram
Set objShell = Nothing"
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I don't think you can set VLC to the autoproxy configuration, isn't that a Firefox plugin? Also, do company rules allow you to watch internet streams? If not you could get into some trouble :)
Guest [Entry]

"Almost autoproxy: portable VLC has a command line setting

VLCPortable.exe --http-proxy=proxyserver.address.com:port

vlc.exe has it too (same parameter).

Make a shortcut which have your proxy settings and use that... it's almost autoproxy :-D

See also http://vsingleton.blogspot.com/2008/04/using-vlc-with-proxy-on-windows.html"