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How do I burn an ISO on a USB drive on Mac OS X?

How do I burn an ISO on a USB drive on Mac OS X?

what's the best way to get an ISO "burned" to a USB stick on a Mac? Restoring using Disk Utility does not work.

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"There is no need to convert the ISO to an IMG. I wasn't willing to convert an image first. This has easier steps, outlined below.

Start by listing the current disks and volumes:

diskutil list

Now unmount the current volume for the disk you are about to overwrite. (X = Drive number, in my case was 1):

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX

Now dd the iso directly to the usb (again replace X with drive number of your USB drive):

sudo dd if=/pathto/mini.iso of=/dev/diskX bs=1m

Guest [Entry]

"Ensure the USB Key is properly formatted (Master Boot Record, FAT32 - if necessary NTFS using NTFS-3G)
You can try using the Restore feature in Disk Utility by clicking on the USB key's volume, then clicking on the Restore tab and choosing the ISO to restore onto it.
If step 2 fails, you can do this manually by running ditto or cp -r; eg. ditto /Volumes/NAME_OF_MOUNTED_ISO /Volumes/NAME_OF_USB_KEY or cp -r /Volumes/NAME_OF_MOUNTED_ISO /Volumes/NAME_OF_USB_KEY to manually copy all the files (including hidden ones)"
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"Unetbootin is a tool that installs ISOs on USB keys, or you can use dropdown menus to select distributions right there in the tool.

Slightly easier than doing dd on the command line yourself."
Guest [Entry]

"I've user SuperDuper for this task before. It does the job and not much else. Like a good program should :-) The full version is not free ($30) but you get what you need for free:

You can download SuperDuper! v2.6.2
right now and back up and clone your
drives for free— forever!"