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How do I change the time on an Android smartwatch?

How do I change the time on an Android smartwatch?

My wife's K88H Smartwatch seems to have all its apps working but shows an incorrect time 4hrs + behind current time. I cannot seem o pair it properly with my mobile on Bluetooth. How can I change the time on it?

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The watch needs to be connected (paired) to a mobile phone so that it can 'sync' the time with the phone.

What type of phone are you trying to pair the watch with?

If it is an Android based phone the OS of the phone needs to be Ver.4.4 or higher. It will not function correctly with Android versions lower than 4.4.

If it is with an iPhone then the OS version of the phone needs to iOS7.0 or higher.

Here is a link to the User Guide which explains how to connect to a mobile phone and how to sync the time.

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I had buy new watch which is said to be LD5 Smart Watch … And It is replica of apple design and it has option to change time in setting. So all the apple replica watch you can change watch time in setting after changing sysc time from AUTO to MANUAL.
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Yesterday i spent about three hours trying to fix this problem. My watch 7 android is connected and it receives calls but a totally different time and date from my mobile.till i downloaded the app of the watch itself ,made an account , removed the watch from recognition of bluetooth of my phone while phone bluetooth is still on. The phone recognized watch thru QR code and i could control my watch thru phone, i even could download and design my own timefaces :)
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