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How do I disable automatic cursor placement in web browsers?

How do I disable automatic cursor placement in web browsers?

Well, pretty much my question is the title. I use Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8 and was wondering how I could disable the automatic cursor placement when accessing different websites. I'm still a bit faster than all the browsers when typing in my usernames and passwords (which is really the reason why I'm asking) and it never fails that I'll see my username enter in fine, then a couple of characters from my password, then my cursor will jump back up to the username field and plug in half of my password there and fail to login of course after I hit the enter key. Mind you, I'm usually typing in the user/pass and hitting enter afterwards fairly quick, so its not like I'm meaning to do this.

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Guest [Entry]

"Here is the solution for Firefox:

Type the following into the Firefox address bar: about:config
Right-click on any value and select New > String
You will first be prompted for the preference name. Enter the following: capability.policy.default.HTMLInputElement.focus
Next, you will be prompted for the preference value. Enter the following: noAccess

That's it!

If you're not happy with the change, undoing it is a little more complicated:

Close Firefox if it's open by going into the File menu and choosing Exit.
Locate your Application Data folder. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Start menu, choose Run, and type in ""%APPDATA%"" (without the quotes.)
Navigate to your profile folder. It should be in Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/_____.default, where the underscore is a string of random characters. Find the file called prefs.js and open it in a text editor, such as Notepad. (Do not just double-click it. You should be able to right-click it and choose Edit from the context menu.)
Search for the line that contains capability.policy.default.HTMLInputElement.focus. It will look like this in its entirety:
user_pref(""capability.policy.default.HTMLInputElement.focus"", ""noAccess"");
Delete this line, and only this line. Save the file. You may now restart Firefox."
Guest [Entry]

"As you even encounter this ""after a few seconds"" at the very light page of google.com (today 13.44 KB in total, 3 KB when cache is used), I'd search for a way to make the pages load faster. The Google home page should be on your screen instantly.

I assume you did not disable caching? Do you have a lot of add-ons installed? Maybe some hyperactive virus scanner? Or some malware that needs time to spy on you?

If it's the internet connection: maybe your provider has some caching proxy server for you?

Or, if the computer is slow: disable Google Analytics and other tracking scripts by installing Adblock Plus.

(Just to avoid your password is shown in the username field: use a password manager rather than typing the credentials yourself.)"