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How do I enable/disable overscan on my TV in Catalyst Control Center?

How do I enable/disable overscan on my TV in Catalyst Control Center?

I've connected my PC to my TV via HDMI (I've also tried using DVI). Whatever the resolution (anything from 800 x 600 to 1080p), the image displayed on the TV does not fill the entire screen surface; there's a black border on the edge of the image. This happens in both Vista and Windows 7.

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bert [Entry]

"Edit: since quite a lot has changed in the drivers (version 2011.0419 as of this writing) since I initially wrote this post, I decided to update it. The procedure is now drastically simplified:

right click on the desktop and choose AMD VISION Engine Control Center

from the left side of the window go to My Digital Flat-Panels and choose Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel)

set the slider to 0% (or whatever works best for you) and you're done.

Initial post: the inability to change underscan/overscan for the TV was actually an issue in Catalyst Control Center, version 9.9. The release notes for the latest version (9.10 from 22.10.2009) state:

Underscan/Overscan settings for TV can
now be applied from the Catalyst
Control Center - TV Properties
Adjustments page

I made a short tutorial in case others are interested in changing this setting. To adjust Underscan/Overscan in Catalyst Control Center (version 9):

right click on the Desktop and choose Catalyst™ Control Center
from the upper left side corner, left click and choose Desktops & Displays
find the display you want to configure and right click on its icon from the lower part of the window and choose Configure
go to the Scaling Options tab and adjust the slider as you see fit (for me it's 0%, so the image can fit the entire TV screen) and click Apply"
bert [Entry]

I was having this problem too and it was really driving me nuts. To fix it I had to go into ccc then desktops and displays. On the bottom left of that screen is a computer monitor or tv or whatever. right click on that and hit configure and it will take you to the screen you need to be in. Then find the overscan & underscan tab and slide it to adjust. Hope this helps. I ended up with a massive headache trying to find this because my screen was so screwey.