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How to change the font in Emacs for Windows?

How to change the font in Emacs for Windows?

I'm following this Lisp tutorial, which provides you with a Lisp interpreter and Emacs to make setting stuff up easier. However, I want to change the font, and everything Google has given me involves putting some cryptic lisp commands in a file, or pressing some key combination, or giving it a long font name, and they're all pretty complicated.

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Guest [Entry]

"Shift-LeftClick in a buffer and you'll get a font dialog.

Change Buffer Font...

This will only last until emacs is shut-down though.

Under the Options in the menubar you have Set Default Font... Dont forget to select Save Options after. (it's right below Set Default Font)

And as an aside. EmacsW32 is the emacs I recommend for windows"