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How to recover unknown password in Windows XP?

How to recover unknown password in Windows XP?

We want to recover unknown password from Windows XP machine. We don't want to reset it because we hope that with this password we can access another accounts. We already tried Ophcrack LiveCD but we didn't succeed. The password may contains some Czech specific characters. What else should we try?

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Guest [Entry]

"The commercial LoginRecovery website might be worth a try:

Just use the box below to download the
utility. This is a "".exe"" file which
will burn itself onto a blank CD. Then
pop the CD into your locked PC, and
boot from the CD.

If you have an Internet connection on
your locked PC then it will
automatically upload the encrypted
password to our server for decryption.
Once decrypted, we will send you an
email advising you where to log in to
view your Windows password.

If you don't have an Internet
connection to your locked PC, you can
extract the encrypted password to a
USB stick and upload manually to our
website for decryption."