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In Windows 7, my user profile cannot be loaded, how do I fix this?

In Windows 7, my user profile cannot be loaded, how do I fix this?

After uninstalling an HP Vector mouse driver, then rebooting, when Windows tries to auto log me in, I get an error message saying the following.

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"It's possible that your user profile is not corrupted, but that Windows is having trouble loading it (think a bad hard drive). You can boot into the Windows 7 Recovery Console from your Windows 7 DVD. Open the command prompt and start a chkdsk.

If your profile is actual corrupted, you can try a system restore. This will restore your profile back to an earlier date. Again, use the Windows 7 DVD to do this.

You may also be able to rename the user profile using the command prompt (eg

cd \Users

ren UserAccount UserAccount.old

And then try to log in, Windows might complain of a different problem but it should recreate a profile for you.

EDIT: Are you sure you are the only user? Unless you are the local administrator, there should also be an ""Administrator"" account."
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Looking around I found this guide and forum detailing the problem and various solutions. I suggest having a read: there are 81 pages of additional posts after the guide so a working solution for you should be in there somewhere.