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iPhone5 struck on apple logo and then moves to a red screen...

iPhone5 struck on apple logo and then moves to a red screen...

My iphone's display was broken and i got it changed today..After switching it on,it is struck on Apple logo and when i tried to hard reset it,still i gets struck on the logo..Later i entered the DFU mode but it gives me an error..So i have no way to get it switched on..I cannot go to an apple store as i got the screen changed from outside and i think it might have ended my warranty...

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In my case the issue was caused by the proximity sensor. Try disconnecting the sensor and booting up the device.
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"I had the same problem, tested lcd while the phone was powered on. Got red screen and kept rebooting itself and then dying at a red screen continually.

Solution #1: hold the power button and home button for at least 60 seconds. The Iphone will try to restart but keep it held down until it stops trying to turn on. When u think it stopped trying to turn on then plug in charger and hopefully should work

Solution #2: dismantle, and install flex cables once again. Reassemble.

Solution #3: replace faulty lcd, OR replace the board, OR both"
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I would take it back to who ever supposedly fix it and demand to get sorted!
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"you can fallow and check whtat Hassan Saeed said on above

1, disconnect the camera flash and proximity flex cable connector from main board

and test it... don't forget to charge ur phone..

2, and shoulf check all connetor on mother board by magifier,u can't check damage by ur visual..

3, still problem?, replace lcd old one whitch is working lcd screen..

don't go DFU mode or recovery mode.. it ain't help..

bad lcd problem too

bad product make making cruption on mother board flash memory..

and still no luck? u need replace motjer board flash memory.. lots money for fix

u better throu it away

flex cable its only less $5.. u can order on e-bay..

this for help..

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The proximity sensor is the sensor in the phone that turns the screen off during a phone call. It is attached to the flex cable that includes the front facing camera and some other goodies.