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Smok x-priv bricked, turns on to show smok logo and cuts out

Smok x-priv bricked, turns on to show smok logo and cuts out
hi all i have a Smok x-priv mod donated from a friend it started with a short in the atomizer error so i cleaned the port for the tank and checked the batteries etc, i then plugged it into my laptop to charge, as soon as i plugged it in it went to a black screen and would not turn on, the only way i can get any activity is by taking out the batteries and putting them back in, this brings up the smok logo and then it shuts down, does anyone have the firmware for this device so i may try reinstalling it, i have tried the method mentioned in another post saying to hold down all buttons without batteries, and to connect to a pc then put the batteries in but this did nothing


"This may be a very late reply but I had the same issue and I was very concerned.

To fix I inserted the charging cable, the charging screen popped up and then I pressed the firing trigger 5 times.

All fixed now."
Sounds like it’s just not charged. Have you tried changing the batteries for known good fully charged ones?

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