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Is it possible to find out when my computer crashed?

Is it possible to find out when my computer crashed?

My XP machine mysteriously turned itself off last night. There's no obvious cause, so I'm trying to track down when it happened so I can figure out what went wrong. I've followed the steps on this page and come up with nothing relevant, so I'm guessing it wasn't a safe shutdown.

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"First thing to do is to go to advanced system settings and disable ""automatic restart on system failure""

Next time, if this was an error related to a blue screen of death, this should mean that your machine will stick on the error instead of restarting.

However, if you have nothing in the event log, I am inclined to believe that the problem is related to either a problem with your power unit or an actual power cut.

I have several UPS's at client sites, and I get reports all the time saying that power was out for less than 10 seconds. You really would be surprised how regularly it can occur."