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Is it possible with Google searches to ban any and all results from a domain? [closed]

Is it possible with Google searches to ban any and all results from a domain? [closed]

Is it possible to configure Google somehow to permanently ban search results from domains that I know 100% are never, ever going to make me happy? Something cookie/session based maybe?

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"I think you can probably do this with Google's Custom Search Engine...

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"If your browser of choice supports being able to edit the quick search bars, you can edit or add in the searches with the following:


That way you'd be able to use the browser search bar/helper and not have to remind yourself that you want nothing to do with that site other than to not see it in your results.

You can tweak it for any other number of sites, just remembering to add it into the address line, like:

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You do know that the answers there are always and forever visible in plain text if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page?
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"There's a Firefox add-on called BlockSite that I used to use. You just input the domain and it will make sure no traffic to or from that domain will be through your computer.

It even goes so far as to make links to that domain plaintext so you can't even click on them.

Sadly, it's not supported by the latest versions of Firefox. Maybe someone has an alternative."
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"Have you tried doing a -experts-exchange.com in your Google query?


Google's rule of thumb:

The rule of thumb

Each site on the Web is controlled by
its own webmaster. If you find a page
in Google's search results that you'd
like to see changed, your best bet is
to contact the webmaster and ask him
or her to make a change.

It'd be funny for Experts Exchange to get a bunch of queries concerning this!"