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Is there any way to mute a thread in outlook?

Is there any way to mute a thread in outlook?

I'm looking for a plug-in that will let me mute conversations/threads that once I decide are no longer relevant the plugin would automatically mark the future ones as read. I don't want to set a permanent filter for these but many (and I do mean many) times a day, I get CC'd on conversations I care about in the beginning but then stop caring about the outcome and it would be great to be able to mute them. If any one knows of anything like that, let me know, if not maybe I'll make an outlook plugin..

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"Coming soon in Outlook?


In the meantime, this might be what you're after.

Guest [Entry]

"In case some people are still looking for the answer and have access to Outlook.com, I posted an answer on the Apple StackExchange: select the thread then at the top select ... then Ignore.

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