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Keep Fullscreen Flash/Silverlight Video opened on Monitor 2

Keep Fullscreen Flash/Silverlight Video opened on Monitor 2

Like many of you, I'm working with two monitors. I'm trying to watch an episode on Channel9's vid-cast, but every time I click back onto my other monitor, the video exits fullscreen-mode, and goes back to a tiny box on the page. Is it possible to keep a video in full screen, while working on the second monitor?

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"This isn't quite full screen, but it's full width. I just modify the URL to use the youtube.com ""embedded"" option. You delete the ""watch?"" and replace ""="" with ""/"".

For example:




Same video, just different interface. It's worked on every video for me so far."
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"Flash Player 10.2+ allows you to watch flash videos in full screen on one monitor while working on the second.

With multiple display full screen
support in Flash Player 10.2, you can
now easily watch your favorite videos
in true full screen on one display
while you multitask on another"
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"I just discovered that a while back ""D.I.Z."" released the patch for flash (10) so you don't have to muck about in a hex-editor yourself. (The blog was written in April, but the patch was updated in December).

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I would open a browser on one screen and click Ctrl + + until the player is as big as I want it.