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Laptop accessories for mobile warrior (light power adapter & case/bag) [closed]

Laptop accessories for mobile warrior (light power adapter & case/bag) [closed]

Lugging my X301 between work and home, I realized my laptop's accessories weigh more than the laptop itself!

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Guest [Entry]

"I ended up getting the Coolermaster [NA 65].

Despite the difference in spec'ed mass, I can barely tell the difference between the original Lenovo one that came with my laptop. The difference probably comes down to how manufacturers weigh them (with/without cord, etc)
The only real differences are in the cables. The Coolermaster one comes with tips for multiple makes of laptops and they are angled at 90 degrees. I actually prefer the Lenovo unangled design: it fits more snugly and I feel it brushing my lap less.
I was able to personally physically handle the other candidates, but they all felt heavier and bulkier.

Also the Ristretto bag is awesome. Not as much padding/room as my Kinetik, but sufficient. The design is much, much more comfortable to carry around and convenient to quickly access. I take the Ristretto on short commutes to work, and the Kinetik on longer trips (where I need to stow the laptop in an overhead bin, or something)."