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Mac OS X Cannot Reboot when other Users are logged on

Mac OS X Cannot Reboot when other Users are logged on

I have two users logged on to my Mac OS X 10.5 system. When trying to reboot from one account, it tells me that other users are logged in and that I have to confirm the reboot with the credentials of an administrator.

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Guest [Entry]

"Moving my comments into a proper answer:

The reason you can't log anyone out is that none of your users are actually administrators on the computer. You can check in the Terminal by looking at the /etc/sudoers file or attempting to run sudo -s. Additionally it should state that your account is Standard in the Accounts Preference Pane in System Preferences.

Reinstalling Mac OS X is one method, the other is to enable the root user to use the Account Preference Pane to set one of your users as an administrator again."
Guest [Entry]

"Have you tried to open Terminal.app and type in:

shutdown -r now


shutdown - is the command to turn off
-r - is the flag to reboot
now - is when you want to send the signal

This should force logout everyone else."