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Mac OS X: easiest (free, non-QuickTime Pro) application for converting numbered folder of images to movie [closed]

Mac OS X: easiest (free, non-QuickTime Pro) application for converting numbered folder of images to movie [closed]

I'd like to convert a folder of PNGs into a quicktime .mov with PNG compression (it's a folder of fractals in an animation; PNG compression works great here and the losslessness is important). What programs will do this with minimal fuss? (I don't have or want to pay for a full license of QuickTime Pro.)

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Guest [Entry]

"There is a freeware AppleScript-based application by the name of Sequimago which should fulfill your requirements admirably. It is available from this page at MacScripter, a forum site where Martin Michel, Sequimago's author, is an administrator.

This is his description of the program:

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard •
QuickTime 7.2.1

Installation & Usage:
Download and
extract the ZIP archive. Then open the
script with a double click or drop a
bunch of image files onto its icon.
The script will then ask you to
specify a file name and location for
the new QuickTime movie. After you
provided certain settings for your
image sequence (e.g. frames per
second/seconds per frame), your image
sequence will be produced.

Supported Image Formats:
jpg, jpeg,
gif, png, tiff, tif, psd, pict, bmp,
pdf (only the first page of a PDF
document is recognized)

Sequimago currently uses the
JPEG image format for the image
sequence, which results in a smaller
file size of the QuickTime movie. But
you can easily edit the Python script
to use alternative image formats (e.g.
TIFF). The Python script is located
at: Sequimago.app/Contents/Resources/crtimgseq.py

- - - - - - - -

P.S. -- I think you'll appreciate a comment he made in the course of explaining how he came to write the program:

I knew that you could easily create
custom slide shows with QuickTime Pro,
but why spent hard-earned $29.99 when
you can get the same functionality
free of charge by using built-in Mac
OS X 10.5 technologies?"
Guest [Entry]

"ImageMagick (available from macports) can do that, try running the command

convert -delay 30 'pic-*.png' movie.m4v

where 30 is the hundreths of seconds between frames and the files follow the pattern:

pic-001.png pic-002.png ..."
Guest [Entry]

"For me time laps assembler does the trick.
It only takes .jpg as input but I can live with that for my animation. Besides of that I just tested it and it works fine!"
Guest [Entry]

Is it a slideshow? You can export a slideshow in movie format from iPhoto. It may be possible to set a slide transition time down to a second or less and make a movie-ish file that way.
Guest [Entry]

You could try iMovie. Just drag the files you want into the iMovie window, and it should be able to create a movie for you.