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Max Memory for the Unibody Macbook Pro 2.8 Ghz

Max Memory for the Unibody Macbook Pro 2.8 Ghz

I have a Late 2008 Macbook Pro 2.8 Ghz with 4GB of ram, and I'm trying to figure out what the max amount of ram I can install in this machine.

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"Take the confusion out of the issue. What does Crucial or Kingston say about the memory capacity of the computer?

The manufacturers manual is a snapshot in time, it only reflects what the manufacturer tested, when the manual was being written. They are rarely updated, unless a new version of the computer / motherboard / etc comes out.

Kingston & Crucial are willing to test with newer memory chipsets, etc. So if they say your model will accept more, then it should work.

From Crucial:

Manufacturer Specifications - Apple MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (15-inch DDR3) Mid-2009

Number of Slots:
Slot 1
Slot 2

*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.

Drive Form Factor: 2.5""
Drive Interface: SATA
Maximum Memory: 8192MB
Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1)
Standard Memory: 4096MB removable
USB Support: 2.x Compliant

Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules."