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Upgrade the Graphics card on MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2011

Upgrade the Graphics card on MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2011

Hi guys,

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bert [Entry]

"Sorry, no you can't replace it.

Yes, the GPU is connected via a soldered PCIe connection, just as the keyboard, trackpad & camera are connected via USB (internal dedicated connections)."
bert [Entry]

"Hi there,

had a similiar issue with my MBP late 2011 -black screen , no booting, ... .

I sent it to the those LRZ(Laptop-Reparatur-Zentrum Thüringen).

They checked it for free and told me my GPU has to be replaced and that it is possible.

They made an offer to do so for nearly 280€ including tests and a 12 month warranty on their work and 24 month warranty on hardware they built in.

My Computer works just fine since then (July 2017).

Can´t say yet what happens after the given time of warranty but so far i am super happy and can only recommend those ppl.


bert [Entry]

"PowerBook Medic is now doing this. They are working on a 2011 17"" MBP for me now. Costs:

PBM estimate was $245 for the board repair, another $95 labor for the disassembly/reassembly and $35 2day return freight"
bert [Entry]

Hey, you can find a company which specialises in soldering BGA components. It should be fairly easy for them to upgrade your GPU with a version, which isn't plagued with overheating issues. The repair is very cost effective and eliminates the issue completely. Changing the logic board will likely cause the issue to come back.
bert [Entry]

"Hi, Just had the same issue - for the second time!

First time, just under a year ago the GPU issue was resolved by apple under the recall.

Now 12 months later it has failed again - This time I'm being told that the MBP 2011 is not covered as it's considered 'vintage'. Really, really annoyed that the original 'fix' was to replace a known fault with a part that still had a known fault - Apple should be ashamed - Originally cost over £2K and now a piece of junk unless I pay a 3rd party £420 to put a new chip in as a fix.

Another fix that may break again?"
bert [Entry]

I'm so sorry to hear about all of your issues. FWIW, in May or June this happened to me and so I called Apple expressing my being a loyal customer and wanting to keep it that way, if they'd be willing to honor the repair for my "vintage" MBP that would be an act of good faith on their part. I asked to speak with a supervisor after they claimed they wouldn't be able to, spoke with the supervisor/specialist whom offered to comp a repair at an Apple authorized repair center. He actually found a spare logic board and had it shipped to a local Apple Store. I bought thermal paste to apply to my 2008 MBP (to prevent the heat issues) as well as in case of another repair for my 2011. I might buy an extra logic board just in case. That way if this GPU goes out I can put in the logic board while repairing the defective one with heat, thermal paste, or whatever the DIY repairs advise (there's a handful of them out there). Point is, some research on the class action lawsuit, and catching the flies with honey (I told the supervisor I'd send him a glowing review to his superior) led to a replaced logic board even though my early 2011 MBP was "vintage" .