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Music player for linux [closed]

Music player for linux [closed]

I need to choose a music player to use under linux after having fallen out with Banshee*. What would you recommend based on these requirements:

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Guest [Entry]

"Amarok version 1.4.10 works very well. (Forget 2.x, they screwed the pooch with that one.)

Ability to import/export ratings

It stores all its library information in a database (either SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL) so if you can grok the database structure, you can slice the information any way you want.

Automatically picks up new files/folders added to library


Has an active plugins ecosystem

Appears to. Just tried the ""Get new scripts"" option and the latest updated script was 20th July. (I haven't needed many plugins for it.) Also, looks like plenty of scripts here

Smart playlists


Controllable through Gnome-Do

Well... not sure what you mean by controllable. I think you can launch just about anything via Do if I'm not mistaken. It is a KDE3 application though, and you can control it via dcop (I have a script that pauses Amarok automatically when the phone rings, for instance.)

Ability to function as an MPD server (or stream
music in any format) instead of piping music to speakers ?

Looks like there are a couple of possibilities - but I doubt you'll get good MPD compatibility unless the client was specifically written for MPD to begin with."