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My apple watch series 5 has burned my wrist

My apple watch series 5 has burned my wrist

Is there anything I can put on my battery to prevent future burns?

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One thing to consider is the ekg sensor on the back is made of aluminum. Although aluminum doesn’t pose a risk to most people, some do have an allergy or sensitivity to it. If the “burn” could be consider more a reaction and happens to match up to the aluminum sensor on the back of your watch, you may be one of the lucky ones to have such a sensitivity.

If that’s the case I really don’t have a solution for you (if you find one I’d love to hear it though), the best I can suggest is periodic switching between wrists to prevent prolonged exposure and washing/drying after any workouts/hand washing etc. It won’t prevent it completely but can help. You can also look at older watches that lack the EKG sensor but those are fast going the way of the dinosaurs.

Good luck."