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Perform factory recovery to new disk drive on Dell computer?

Perform factory recovery to new disk drive on Dell computer?

I have a Dell desktop computer with a small SATA hard drive. The drive has two partitions: C: and D:. D: is a recovery partition that can be used to return the machine to its factory default condition.

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"Your best bet is to recover the image onto the existing drive, and then use a drive copy and partition expansion utility to copy everything over to the new drive after installation.

If you want to keep the current drive you can copy it to the new drive (expanding the primary partition as needed) and try a recovery. It should work just fine, but Dell messes with the boot sector, and it may not transfer correctly (or it may have information tied to the size of the drive).

If it doesn't work at first, read about Dell's restore utility here:


You should find information and utilities that modify the boot sector as needed to give you the ability to run the recovery after doing a drive copy.

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You may be able to so this with DriveImage, though I do not know for sure.If you can I would highly recommend it.