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Preventing mid-item line breaks in a list in a table

Preventing mid-item line breaks in a list in a table

It's not programming, but it's the paperwork you have to fill out ot get things to program.

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"You need to specify new formating rules for the row.

Select the offending Row.
Right-Click and select Table
Properties from the dropdown menu.
Click the Row tab.
Uncheck Allow row to break Across pages

That will do it. It has the added benefit of preserving Header rows across multiple pages.


After your comment I was able to solve the problem by creating a 1 celled table inside the offending row and place there the list items. Then I follow the above procedure to set this sub-table row.

What this essentially does is keep your list as one single unit, which you can then properly format. There may there be the need for simple adjustments like preserving line spacing between the list and the remaining text. But nothing that can't be set straight with a Style definition for this single-celled table."