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Recommendation for Wiki that supports WYSIWYG?

Recommendation for Wiki that supports WYSIWYG?

Currently we use a MediaWiki installation for writing documentation, but several of us find the markup format horribly arbitrary and awkward, with a mixture of Wiki tags and XML in the text, and the lack of any quick formatting buttons for things like ordered or unordered lists, different heading levels, quick embedding of images, tables, code samples, etc. Sites like LiveJournal provide most or all of this while still generating backwards-compatible markup so it's not like there's a technological impediment here.

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"ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0.2 has WYSIWYG, syntax highlighting as a plugin, categories, subsites,...
Highly recomended."
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"WikiMedia WYSIWYG editor page reference.

In 2009, there is no available 'ready-to-go' package for incorporating full WYSIWYG into the MediaWiki software.

The problem is that any WYSIWYG editor would have to know wikitext grammar, and no full grammar for wikitext exists - the ""parser"" doesn't parse, it's a twisty series of regular expressions. So present WYSIWYG editors either have to (a) reverse-engineer as much of a grammar as they can, or (b) forget wikitext and just write HTML.

A proper grammar is not sufficient for a proper WYSIWYM editor, as opposed to WYSIAYG (what you see is all you get), but it is necessary. A proper grammar is a highly-desired thing for many other purposes as well, and present efforts are at ""promising vapourware"" status.
See Markup spec.

For a list of existing extensions providing some degree of WYSIWYG support,
see Category:WYSIWYG extensions"
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"Try DokuWiki (needs php, and store wiki in FS, supports hierarchical namespaces, however WYSIWYG is a plugin), or XWiki

But better go to http://www.wikimatrixdotorg and run the wizard. However, evaluate carefully, because having a feature does not means it has the feature the way you want...

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