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Second monitor with laptop doesn't go to full resolution

Second monitor with laptop doesn't go to full resolution

I have a Dell Latitude D520 with Intel 945GM chipset on board and WinXP. I started working with an external monitor a while ago (Gateway EV910). Initially everything seemed to work ok, and I was able to set the monitor to use its max resolution (I think it was 1200*1600). But then I stared getting blue screens whenever I connected the monitor. So I downloaded from Dell the newest driver for the Intel chipset. This stabilized the system. But now the monitor won't go beyond 1024*768 and it won't do more the 60Hz refresh rate (very annoying).

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Guest [Entry]

"How are you setting the Display Properties?

On my laptop with an Intel chipset running XP I find if I use the standard Windows Display Properties multiple monitors never quite work properly. When I use the Intel settings dialog everything works fine.

You can get to the Intel dialog one of the following ways:

Open Windows Display Properties, select the Settings tab, click the Advanced button, select the Intel tab and click the Graphics Properties button.
If have the Intel Adapter Icon in the System Tray you can right-click it and select Graphics Properties."