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Segment Network access over multiple network connections

Segment Network access over multiple network connections

I have two networks that I would like to be connected to simultaneously, but need a way to force specific applications to use a specified network connection. Are there any tools available (preferably with an easy GUI) that will allow me to set this up on a per application basis?

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"You will need to setup the default route for all Internet traffic on your unlocked path.

The trick is to explicitly setup routes for all the end-points reachable only on the locked network to use the interface wired to that.

On the comment.
I am assuming that you have a dual homed host with internal and external networks wired to two different interfaces. For that the interface selection has to be done on the local host.

But, if there is a single interface path to the router appliance which splits two ways (the locked and unlocked network paths), you need to setup such routing on that device."