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Sim card not recognized

Sim card not recognized

Hi. Some day ago my ipad2 wifi+3G (european) stopped to recognize the sim card. I tried everything, iTunes reset, dfu reset, removing sim card, activating and deactivating airplane mode. Nothing...the sim card is ok on my phone so seems to be a hardware related issue and I'm out of warranty since march 1st (%^%%!!).

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"Same issue, here is what works for me:

Powering it off sometimes help.Toggling airplane mode also helps.... after doing it MANY times

Apple products is only a fashion statement, in the real world they don't have durability."
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Found out a method from cleaning coins, that applies to SIM-Cards. I had the same problem. I've cooked the sim-card in salty water with a bit of aluminium foil in it --> This takes away the oxidation from the metal on the chip. I've put the chip back in and it was instantly recognised! Hope that helpts
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"NO SIM problem can happen to iPhone and iPad. It happen because the sim card is not connected to it place.

This method is worked for me. And i Hope it work for All of you too.

Here's the method:

1. Remove the sim card

2.Remove the Touchscreen, LCD and LCD Shield Plate.

3. Push down firmly at sim card slot. (Like pushing a button)

4. Insert the sim card, and see."