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stuck on white screen with apple logo

stuck on white screen with apple logo

it is stuck on white screen with apple logo cannot turn the phone off when try to do update on i tunes i get error4005 unknown error what else can i do before taking it to tech who will overcharge me

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I've tried that and that's when I get the error code it could not update or restore due to an unknown problem
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"White Screen of Death (WsoD) is a famous error that generally related to an issue with OS and it stops the device to do any task as it displays white screen. This issue occurs especially on those iPhone/iPad that was locked due to fail of hardware component, severely dropped or when the upgrade fails .

Every iPhone/iPad users want to get rid of this error ASAP but how?

Well, you should follow the below ways to fix WSOD error on iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8 and many others:

Way 1: Check screen magnification is disabled

To check this problem and to fix it, use you three fingers same time and double click on screen. This will help you to bring back the screen to normal if it is a zoomed. Now, to switch off the feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > Off.

Way 2: Charge your phone properly

Way 3: Force restart your iPhone/iPad

Way 4: Restore iPhone via iTunes to fix WSOD error

Way 5: Switch off Auto brightness on your phone

Way 6: Use Recovery mode to fix WSOD error

Way 7: Remove battery from iPhone

Way 8: Enter into DFU mode to fix WSOD error on iPhone

Way 9: Use iOS System Repair to fix White Screen of Death on iPhone

All the above methods are effective but still some users tell that they are not helpful in getting rid of such error. In this condition, it is recommended to use professional tool like iOS System Repair to solve WSOD error on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/8 etc."
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and thank you and i needthe it