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iPhone 5s stuck on Apple logo after screen replacement?

iPhone 5s stuck on Apple logo after screen replacement?

My iPhone 5s was experiencing some issues with the touch sensitivity and the screen was apparently broken.

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"There is several possibilities to this:

A/ He's damaged the main board in his process of repair

B/ Proximity or Dock flex issue (whether it be its not plugged in properly or damaged)

C/ Some how he's managed to corrupt the iOS

D/ TouchID flex/sensor

The issue of the home button could be because he's put the metal plate behind the home button back the other way round and therefor not pushing on the bit that sticks up on the plate.

My suggestion would be to go back to the repairer and get him/her to fix it, or seek some sort of compensation.

**Just went back to re-read your post again a couple times, did he put a new home button in your phone? I've seen cases where new TouchID home buttons don't work together with the main board, and will go on an endless loop of restart and blue screen."
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"If the screws that hold the metal shield above the screen connectors are in the wrong holes then this will cause a blue screen.I would suggest bringing it back or to someone else. if you feel confident open it yourself following the guides on ifixit. More info on this issue in the below link

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"Bad news man. :(

This is the classic presentation of iPhone 5s blue screen of death due to long screw damage.

This is well described in the repair community, and it is due to a botched screen replacement as you suspect. What happens is when someone accidentally mixes up the screws that go into the LCD shield that covers the flex connectors.

One of the screw brackets is very short. Under that bracket are 7 key traces--electrical conduits--buried in the board itself. If you accidentally tighten a longer screw into that bracket----it will press down into the board and tear the traces.

This causes boot looping and the blue screen you describe.

Your case sounds classic for long screw BSOD--blue screen of death in the iPhone 5s. It is an extremely tedious repair--the 7 traces must be patched and each is the size of a human hair. But it is doable. There are few other shops in the US that can do it in addition to me. If you want a repair quote, find me via my profile.

sorry this happened,


PS: Your phone's data can almost always be saved---the phone usually comes right back on after trace repair."
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I've seen this happen when proximity sensors wasn't plugged in all the way or got shorted out. He may of replaced sensor and sensor shorted out. Try a reboot and f that doesn't work then have him look into connections
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"I work at a repair shop and we take good care in what we do there are alot of mom and pa shops that will not do a good job and will ruin the phone most of the times

My suggestion would be take it to the guy who fixed it and say

It worked before I took it to you why does it not work now and do you have a replacement or do I have to raise !&&*"
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If you turn the phone on without the screen plugged in and then finish putting the phone back together then it should come on. At least it did for me.