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iPhone 6 Stuck on Apple Logo with Progress Bar Not Moving After Update

iPhone 6 Stuck on Apple Logo with Progress Bar Not Moving After Update

Hi everyone,

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"It's certainly hardware if you tried a DFU restore.

I couldn't fix it because baseband chip went bad.

I'm not sure reflowing it would help.

What I do after that is do a bare bones test which is unplug front camera, rear camera, home button extension cable. And plug in another battery if you have one.

Then I use 3UTools to try doing a restore. Are you getting iTunes error -1 / -9?

Sounds like it's trying to flash or update the baseband as I think that's what it does last on the software update. It will show this during 3UTools software restore."
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"To those experiencing iPhone stuck on Apple logo with empty progress bar, here is my SOLUTION .

I assume that you experiencing stuck on Recovery Mode.

Download and Install 3utools. Run the 3uTools as well.Connect your iPhone to your PC.3uTools now will prompt either Exit Recovery Mode or Flash (if I am not mistaken). Choose Flash.Choose your latest iOS version and Start Flashing.If 3uTools stuck at 10% which shows Entering Recovery Mode. Kindly remove the lightning USB from your phone for 3 seconds and put it back in.After that, if 3uTools stuck at 19% (restoring), kindly do the same steps as above which is remove the lightning USB from your phone for 3 seconds and put it back in.After that you will find the percentage is start moving from 20% until the end. Then your iPhone is good to go!

This problem occurs when your iPhone changing state (ie, Normal Mode to Recovery Mode), your iPhone is actually disconnected from the PC that's why the progress bar is not even move. By remove the lightning USB from the iPhone and put back in, this allow your iPhone ""reconnects"" back with PC and the software can start uploading firmware to your iPhone."
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"My iphone 6 have the same glitch as you guys and the final answer is a HARDWARE problem.

A sepcific parts must be replaced or as the repair man said it can only be fix by getting rid of the old iphone6 and buy a new one LOL!!

Now i'm using samsung as my smartphone no more glitch and live happily ever after."
Guest [Entry]

"i have a solution which probably may work, i am saying ""probably"" because same thing happened with my iphone 6 plus and iphone 7 after upgrading to ios 10.2.1....... but this solution worked with iphone 7 and not with 6 plus...

here it is:-

after trying several times to restore both iphone with ios 10.2.1 (Didnt Work), i restored both of my iphones with ios ""10.3 BETA 2""..... iphone 7 started working normally and iphone 6 plus didnt"
Guest [Entry]

Anyone still having problem with there iPhone freezing at progress bar and need answer?
Guest [Entry]

Same thing happened to my phone few days ago, however I was able to fix it. (Thanks to youtube and google) Like you guys I also did the same thing and came to the point that I gave up pulled out the usb cord on my computer and lay down lol. But i was so eager to fix my phone so what i did was watch youtube and there I learned difference between dfu and recovery mode. Watching youtube I observed that it is exactly whats happening on my phone, so i plugged it in once again followed what youtuber was doing then boom progress bar had hit its end lmao. What exactly happened was..my husband disabled the iphone. He keyed in a wrong passcode so i thought of restoring it without losing the data,so to make sure i watched related videos on youtube on how to do it right, and so i tried doing it. Everything went well until the progress bar stopped moving, ive waited hours but when i checked the progress its still the same, but before doing anything i once again checked google it says there that if progress bar’s not moving force restart. I force restarted it but then same thing happened. Waited hours again cos i thought maybe its just really normal for it to take long, but reading apple forums its says 15-30mins. An hour is a max already, so I decided to force restart once again. Then it happened again but that time its different. Screen went black and itunes logo didnt appear. I was so worried. But then tried to force restart but still getting the same result. So i decided to stop trying and lay down and rest. But i really wanna fix it. So while resting i watched youtube. There i learned diff between recovery and dfu and how to enter and exit. I applied what i have watched and i was so thankful it worked. You guys should try it, its better if you will follow what exactly he’s doing. Just search dfu and recovery mode difference explained how to enter and exit by techpocket. Disclaimer: im not in anyway promoting the youtuber nor the channel just sharing it cos thats what helped me. Its up to you if you wanna do the same thing