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trying to restore but itunes says enter passcode

trying to restore but itunes says enter passcode

Hi, my iPhone was disabled from too many password attempts, now as I try to restore it, iTunes says I need to enter a passcode, but on my phone, it will only go to the emergency call screen and won't allow me to enter my passcode. I'm not sure how to get this to work.

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"If it is not the lock code, maybe it is the iPhone backup password. Have you set such an encryption on your backup while you sync your iPhone to iTunes? If so, try the backup password.

However, if it won't let you enter passcode, you can use a toll called Tenorshare ReiBootto put your iPhone into then out of recovery mode. This may fix the stuck screen.

Note: Don't hard reset your iPhone because it will erase all iPhone data and settings."
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When on recovery mode already connected to iTunes, if it turns on and says need passcode but your iPhone is disable, try home button hold down connect to one computer with iTunes open already, once on recovery mode, disconnect and connect to another computer with iTunes open already, usually works the first time, but keep switching until it goes thru the whole restore process.
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If you happened to lose the data on your iPhone due to wrong deletion, jailbreak, factory settings restore, software update and so on, you may need to restore iPhone to find the lost files back. With one recovery software, you can easily restore iPhone without iTunes
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"Try this step...

1. Turn off your iphone.

2. Then put it in the ref not in the freezer for about 5 minutes to make it cool a little bit.

3. After 5 minutes get your phone and, stand with you one foot while holding your iphone.

4. Then put you iphone on the floor and smash it with a hammer.. then go out and buy a new one!"