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Typing the tab character in browser text boxes

Typing the tab character in browser text boxes

A lot of the time, when I want to format text within a web page's text box I'll hit the Tab key.

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Tabinta is a Firefox add-on that lets you do this.
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"Linux and other POSIX systems (except Mac OS):

To input tabs in GTK+ applications (like Firefox or Chrome):

Ctrl + Shift + U

Type 9

Press Space or Enter

Source: Wikipedia: Unicode Input"
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"There is a Chrome plugin called Textarea Code Formatter.

It allows you insert tabs into text boxes in the Chrome browser. It also allows you to highlight multiple lines and insert tabs before each selected line.

However, an issue is that often you want standard tab insertion behaviour. If you do use tab to toggle between boxes, then you may to select ""disabled"" by default in the options."
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"If it's your site:

jQuery plugin: http://teddevito.com/demos/textarea.html

jQuery(document).ready(function () {



Load jQuery and the plugin first, then you can tab and make a tab, and shift+tab to ""untab"" as it were.

For browser-wide support, you will have to use an extension, userscript, plugin, etc. like: 46704 for Greasemonkey."
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"The big advantage of Tabinta in Firefox is that you can map the tab character to another hotkey, since you really don't want to lose the tab key default behavior in the browser.

With Internet Explorer you have no solution in the way of browser extensions that I am aware of. Here the only way is to keep the tab character in the clipboard by having previously copied it from some other program like notepad.

javascript solutions require the name of the textbox where they will act on, so this is far from ideal or practical. While alt keycode combinations under both browsers still execute the normal tab character keypress event so they don't work either."