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Ubuntu: how to get audio to work in both Spotify (under Wine) and Flash (in Firefox)?

Ubuntu: how to get audio to work in both Spotify (under Wine) and Flash (in Firefox)?

I'm running Spotify on Linux using Wine.

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"Update (2012)

For a couple of years now there's been a native Linux version of Spotify, which, albeit labeled as ""preview"", is fully functional in my experience and should be your primary option. Use that, and at least you'll bypass any Wine-related audio problems.

Leaving my original answer below, just in case it might be helpful for someone:

Original answer (2009)

Ok, got it working by both removing alsa-oss and tweaking audio settings from winecfg. I changed from ALSA Driver to OSS Driver; see screenshot below.

The problem with OSS driver seems to be that any one application blocks all others from playing sound; for example, if Spotify is open (but not even playing music) - I can't get any sound from Audacious. Actually this sucks pretty much - sometimes when I open Spotify it won't play sound, and I have to track down which process is blocking the sound device - even when no audio is playing.

So I'm definitely still open to better solutions -- perhaps with ALSA, but so that Wine/Spotify would play nice with it too?

Update: Ok, got Spotify to work with ALSA (again?). I'm not exactly sure where the problem was; what I did was go to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/[username]/Application Data/Spotify, deleted everything, and launched wine spotify.exe again. Apparently there were some incorrect settings remaining, and re-launching Spotify afresh fixed the situation.

Anyway, now Spotify, Flash in Firefox, and other apps can all play sounds smoothly, without blocking each other.

To summarise, this is what worked for me:

Use Flash 10; make sure Firefox's about:plugins contains only ""Shockwave Flash 10.0"".
Use ALSA everywhere1. As Mike Arthur commented, forget about OSS (and alsa-oss).
(Try clearing Spotify's application data.)

1 Wine's audio configuration (winecfg) should look something this:"
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Spotify now has a real linux client (beta) that works very nicely for me!