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How to get an HP and Canon printer to work in Snow Leopard?

How to get an HP and Canon printer to work in Snow Leopard?

After installing Snow Leopard onto my Mac Pro, I found I was unable to print to either one of my printers, and HP LaserJet, or a Canon iR C3220-C1. So how do you get them to print again? I'm answering my own question below because I couldn't find anything to help getting mine working.

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Guest [Entry]

"The HP was simple. First I ran software update and installed the HP printer driver update. However, it still said it needed updated software after this, so I removed the printer and reinstalled it. It printed perfectly after this.

The Canon was a bit tougher. I downloaded and installed the Canon printer driver update, but this probably didn't make a difference because the iR C3220 is not a supported printer on the Apple site.

Next I downloaded a fresh copy of the driver from here imagePASS-C1v2.1_PPD_Intel_MacOSX.hqx

It installed correctly, and I removed the printer and reinstalled. Tip: the printer doesn't show up using Appletalk anymore, so when you add the printer, choose IP on the top, select Line Printer Daemon - LPD. Type in the printer's IP address. For the Queue, type in print. Under Print Using, choose the Canon iR C3220-C1 ppd.

It still wouldn't work, so I checked the cups error log file. From terminal, type:

tail /var/log/cups/error_log

The error I was receiving was:

for printer ""_11_22_33_44"" not owned
by root

The fix was easy enough:

sudo chown root:wheel

I had to remove the printer and add it again, but after that it worked.

I found absolutely nothing when searching for this on the internet, so hopefully this helps someone else who may be using this combination. There may be similar problems with other fiery-based printers."