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Using Gimp to batch convert images to another format in Windows

Using Gimp to batch convert images to another format in Windows

As implied by the title, does anybody know how to use the gimp-console-[version].exe program to batch convert images between formats (with default settings) in Windows ?

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"Better than Gimp or Irfanview is ImageMagick.

For instance, try:

mogrify -format jpg *.png"
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Is using Irfanview not an option? I keep both GIMP and Irfanview installed for precisely this reason...GIMP for image editing and Irfanview for batch conversion.
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"I am going to fall into the camp of using the right tool for the job and I have both Irfanview, and ImageMagick installed, and agree that both are fantastic tools. However let me throw in one more option for posterity. I don't use XnView on a regular basis, but keep a copy of the portable version around to keep on my usb so that I have a powerful easy to use very capable image tool available when I'm out and about. The beauty of the portable version is that you can use it and if you don't like it just delete the install directory. It along with dozens of other free and open source portable applications is available at
or specifically
The installer will create a directory that contains everything necessary to run the program. Just go to that directory, start the EXE, give it a test. As stated above, when you get tired of it just delete the whole directory. They all run just like that from a USB stick as well. I have about 80 apps I carry around with me and use on public or shared PC's."
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"Although I am not really answering the question here I have alternative solution that has worked for me quite well and works from within the GIMP.

Keep in mind this might not be best solution for very large number of images.

Export Layers plugin for GIMP (I am not an author of this plug-in)

uses native dialogs for file format export procedures to adjust file format settings.
uses layer names as filenames for the exported images.
supports layer groups and optionally treats them as folders.
can optionally export only layers whose file extension matches specified file format.
can use file extensions in layer names as file formats
can use layers with names in [square brackets] as background layers

First make sure you have GIMP 2.8 or higher (I confirm it works on 2.8.14)
Download the plug-in (make sure it saves as file with .py extension)
Paste the plug-in into the GIMP_INSTALLATION_FOLDER\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins
Import your images as layers (File > Open as layers).
Select File > Export Layers.. or Export Layers To
Dialogue window will pop up with export options that look similar to any other GIMP dialogue window and are very self descriptive.

NOTE: If you paste the plug-in make sure GIMP is not working, if it is restart it."
Guest [Entry]

"Here is Windows GUI to perform batch modifications on images (including file format conversion)


Hope that helps someone out there!"