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Vista tree view: disabling fade-out of tree nodes

Vista tree view: disabling fade-out of tree nodes

When using a tree view (e.g. the folders list in Explorer), there are little triangles next to each node which contains sub-nodes. Unfortunately, they fade out as soon as one leaves the tree view with the mouse. This is very annoying, because one can't see anymore which folders contain sub-nodes as soon as the mouse is somewhere else.

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Guest [Entry]

"I miss the simplicity of the old windows explorer. That being said, the only way I know of to have some indication of which folders have sub-folders and which don't on Vista is as follows:

go to Control Panel
open Folder Options
go to the View tab
Under Advanced Settings and under Files and Folders
there is a checkbox: Display simple folder view in Navigation pane. Uncheck it.

Now in your folder tree view, the folder nodes that that don't have any subfolders will have a straight line flowing down their left side whereas those folders with subfolders have a blank space (where the triangle would be) on their left side with dots above and below the blank space."
Guest [Entry]

"To stop the fade effect in Vista's tree explorer you need to change the ""Fade or Slide Menus into View""

Right click Computer > Properties
Advanced System Settings
Under Performance click Settings
Un-check Fade or Slide Menus into View