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WD My Passport showing up in device manager, not disk management

WD My Passport showing up in device manager, not disk management

I have searched for and looked through many questions and answers but haven’t found a solution to my issue which seems really specific. I have a WD My Passport Ultra 260D that’s only about three months old and it stopped being recognized a few days ago, while it was still plugged in. It shows up in Device Manager under disk drives and also shows the WD Drive Management devices. If I right click the drive to show Properties it will say it is working properly, the driver is updated, but if i click on the Volumes tab it doesn’t recognize anything, and when I click on the Details tab, the Properties window freezes completely as well as the device manager window.

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"There is a slim chance some top-end data recovery software could help IF it is just a matter of the partition table being corrupted or (not good) there is a problem with the “all-in-one” circuit board.

These “all-in-one” named brand external drives are bad news because they combine the drive and the USB circuit boards into only one so that if one dies they both die. When you replace it buy the external case and a standard drive separately (easy to upgrade as well). I have had only 5 drives die in over 35 years of experience as a professional tech.

If money is an issue for you could try these freeware programs below.

If you read the manual ‘Test Disk” is a good freeware tool for partitions:


It is very “techie” and all text based, thus why studying the manual is important.

For just specific file type recovery “Recuva” can be good. Easier user interface.


I've used this program successfully many times but it cost money:


It recovers partitions AND files by a raw searching of the entire hard drive.

Good luck."