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What's better a better VM app: VMWare, Parallels or Virtual PC [closed]

What's better a better VM app: VMWare, Parallels or Virtual PC [closed]

From a Windows developer's perspective, which VM application is the best? Why?

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Guest [Entry]

"Vmware Workstation -

Simply put, it does what I need, it works fast and I find that Snapshots are a time saver (and a God-send!). I have 2 VM's running 24x7 on my laptop, and even though I have a lot of programs open, my CPU averages around 3% on idle with it occasional touching 0%.

That being said, I know a lot of people prefer and use VirtualBox. I beleive that this also has some good snap-shotting stuff in it, however I cannot vouch for it as I only used it briefly on Linux.

When it comes down to it, I do not look at price if it is something I need work related - as long as it works and does what I need. I have had good experiences with VMware Workstation, it does what I need when I need it."
Guest [Entry]

"I think VirtualBox should be on the list also since it has all of the main features folks have listed in other answers:

Full snapshot tree
Lot's of networking options (including isolation)
""Seamless"" mode for windowing (equivalent to VMWare Coherence and Parallels Unity)
USB port access

And its also free on all platforms. VMWare Workstation on Windows plus VMWare Fusion on OSX plus VMWare Workstation on Linux definitely adds up. You could use VMWare Player, but then you lose snapshots.

It is a little more work to setup and I personally have not spend much time comparing performance."
Guest [Entry]

"Note that VPC is not an option if you need x64 support.

When testing ""Windows Virtual PC"" on Windows 7 I discovered that it doesn't support 64 guests at all!"
Guest [Entry]

"VMware Server

I run it on Linux for my development purposes, but it runs equally as well on Windows."