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What firmware should I use on my router? [closed]

What firmware should I use on my router? [closed]

I've got a Linksys something or other router. I've never had any issues with the default firmware but have always wondered what I'm missing out on by not changing to a 3rd party more configurable firmware.

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Guest [Entry]

"Another alternative: DD-WRT:

DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware suitable for a great variety of WLAN routers and embedded systems. The main emphasis lies on providing the easiest possible handling while at the same time supporting a great number of functionalities within the framework of the respective hardware platform used."
Guest [Entry]

"I'd recommend Tomato if your router is supported. It's great for a beginner and the interface is fairly easy to navigate and understand. It gives you a bunch of great features.

To list a few:

manage aspects of the router through cron jobs
block certain packets based on headers (block flash, java applets, etc)
real-time bandwidth monitoring
more detailed QoS (set download and upload speeds rather than just prioritizing)"