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What is a good app for Ubuntu that mimics RocketDock?

What is a good app for Ubuntu that mimics RocketDock?

I'm looking for a dock application to use on Ubuntu, but suggestions are welcome for all platforms. I'm familiar with RocketDock, but don't think that it works for Linux. Any ideas?

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has a skin called docky that works a lot like RocketDock. Do is also a good replacement for the Windows app launcher Launchy."
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"Maybe not a classical dock-app but I think the True Launch Bar is a very good replacement and/or add-on for the windows task-bar. You can configure the bar in nearly every manner you want (look also at the screenshots on the homepage for examples).

And it also works under Windows 7."
Guest [Entry]

"Cairo-Dock (also called GLX-Dock) is my favorite dock. To install it, type this in to the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins cairo-clock

When it's done installing, click the Ubuntu menu and type in Cairo-Dock. Click the ""CD"" icon and Cairo-Dock should start up.

Did you know that Cairo-Dock is the only dock that supports sub-docks? It's also the most configurable dock available for any operating systems. Too bad it runs only on Linux!"