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What is the best ways to duplicate DVDs in bulk?

What is the best ways to duplicate DVDs in bulk?

I have some instructional videos I am getting ready to release on DVD and I want to know what is the quickest and most cost effective way to produce these in bulk?

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"Dedicated devices can be very expensive.

If you have a few days, I would personally just use your own copier and ""just do it"" as boring as it is.

A solution in the middle is to use a company who can do the copying for you - (You are USA from profile so you are best off googling yourself) I just found a few companies in the UK willing to do DVD copying in bulk, with printed cases for 80p each, which I think is a good price."
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"Discmakers (the first name I sort of recognized in a quick Google search) has an on-line automatic quote system for short run duplication. I just ran it for 300 copies, no cases, no inserts, black text on the DVDs and got back $1.39 per DVD + shipping. They have a lot of standard options (inserts, cases, etc).

I've never needed to make a bunch of DVDs, but I've at least heard of these guys before, and their web site indicates they do want to do business with small runs like this.

I just did a quick search for bulk DVDs and found one price of about $0.60 per disc (for 300), plus shipping (DVD-Rs - I don't know what brands are good, that one was just cheap). So at the quoted rate from Diskmakers, you would be paying $0.79 per DVD for duplication and printing on the disc surface. That would give you a nicer finish than hand-duplicated DVDs, and eliminate the time and trouble of doing it yourself.

The only downside would be that you'd have to come up with the $417 + shipping all at once instead of being able to duplicate one at a time as needed. Diskmakers does do smaller lots, and at only 100 discs, the same job is just $1.49 per disc.

Basically, for small runs, doing it yourself probably can't be the most cost effective way, unless the size of your run needs to be on the order of 5 or 10 discs. At the hundreds of discs level, you probably want to leave the work to someone with the right gear for the job."